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Keeping my ADAM A77X's pristine in the studio. I am loving these ARB Covers!

Mark Hill (The Original Dodger)

LOVE my monitor covers! Thank you so much! Such a good idea.

Annie Errez (Mint Club)

I put these bad boys on my A7X's ever evening. Save me time from dusting them!

Ben Remember (Toolroom)

Good to know that my monitors will be the same (dust free) working conditions ready for the next studio session.

Dudley Strangeways (Leftback)

Absolutely love my ARB Covers. Build quality is top notch for keeping my studio monitors dust free after I'm done working in my studio

Raid Zero (San Francisco)

I'm really happy with my covers and they look cool as fuck!

Etym (Sensory Trails)

Which is one of the most important pieces of equipment in your studio or home set up?

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Try an Β arb cover

If you can't get no, no satisfaction...

ARB Covers is a small boutique business based in Birmingham (UK) which provide monitors/equipment covers.


It's time to keep your investment protected!

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What is ARB Covers?

I can only see a hand-full of brands?

What colours can you provide ?

After plenty of research with fellow friends in the music industry, the brands that were mentions more times was ADAM & FOCAL. This was the starting blocks for us to begin. 2020 will see more brands added with the hope to provide ARB Covers to all monitor/speaker manufacturers. Mixing desk / Guitar amps & Modular synths covers have also been manufactured by us so keep the ideas coming in!

This is going to grow ten-fold so keep up-date by subscribing to the ARB Covers newsletter from the home page. Β 

We do like a challenge when it comes to the colours! The ADAM & FOCAL range are finished in what we like to say the "Edition Black". This is Black quilt/Black fleece and Black binding. This ARB Covers range also includes the option of Black or Orange inner fleece for you to decided.

Custom made covers can be a option if you like your covers to be 'one offs' to make you stand out of the crowd! An embroidery service is available just like the picture to your left. Β 

Please have a look at the pictures on the ARTISTS / STUDIOS Β & CUSTOM MADE.

We design & make quilted covers for your speakers/monitors/studio equipment. You paid good money for them so lets start to keep your investment protected from dust, moving studio arrangements, cold working environments and the unexpected accidents. Working with the ARB Covers signature "Double Diamond" waterproof quilt, these covers have been designed with soft inner fleece to carefully fit over your products with easy access for cables to pass. When you have finished using your monitors, simply place the covers over until the new time. Fully customizable covers can be provided so please visit the contact page for more info.

Beautiful tailor-made quilted polyester cotton mix fabric (FOCALS Waterproof) with the ARB Covers signature "double diamond" stitching with a soft and breathable fleece inner lining.

Protection from everyday dust, cold environments and unexpected accidents.

(Slate Raven MTi2 inner fleece available in 4 colours)

Red - Black - Grey - Orange

Protection like never before